At a Filipino Soup Kitchen

by Carol on July 3rd, 2012

Free food for the hungry, free drink for the thirsty--Mang Urot and friends

He wants to remain anonymous, so on his Filipino Facebook pages he’s Mang Urot and on his English pages, James Braddock. I posted his story in March at His crusade has grown. Contact email:

On June 23, I followed him and his friend around while they brought supplies at the Divisoria Market, cooked, set up the soup kitchen in a bank parking lot, fed the hungry and cleaned up afterwards. For this event more of his family and friends were involved. About sixty people waited two hours for a hot meal, most of them children. These are people who live on a dollar a day or less. They also got toothbrushes, toys and flip-flops. We’ll let the pictures tell the story. (Click on any picture for a better look.)

Buying rice

Buying Tang

Buying slippers

Buying bowls

Buying apples

Buying vegetables

Buying toys

Buying cheap toothbrushes

Chopping vegetables

Cooking meat on a charcoal stove

Waiting for dinner

Children posing

Children posing

Lining up

Waiting for dinner

Carrying stuff

Adding vegetable beef soup to rice


Bright eyes

Getting fed

Mother hands out apples

Eating apples

Daughter hands out toothbrushes

"Mang Urot" and his wife. Notice the tee-shirt.

Mang's cousin

Getting stuff