Philippines A Remarkable Journey with Light and Sound April 2. 2017  Richie Quirino, author of The Amen Vibration.
Donna Miscolta, Author of “Hola and Goodbye” February 17 A short story collection of Mexican-American immigrants.
A Memoirist of the Marcos Years. Part 1 December 31. 2016 Susan Quimpo, Subversive Lives
A Memoirist of the Marcos Years, Part 2 December 31. 2016 Susan Quimpo, Subversive Lives
Launching “The Rise of the Pinoy” July 7, 2016 Motivational/self-help; entrepreneurs on  their projects
A Filipino Graphic Novelist June 22, 2016 Comics scene in the author’s work and the Philippines
The Workshops of Filipino Screenwriter Ricky Lee February 28, 2016 Celebrated writer and influential teacher on his workshops
Seize the Moment July 2, 2015 Photography
Corregidor at the Mouth of Manila Bay September 30, 2015 The island and its place in war history
Writer, Lawyer, Literary Agent, Part 1 January 13, 2015 Andrea Pasion-Flores on her developing career.
 Writer, Lawyer, Literary Agent, Part 2 January 28, 2015 The short story collection For Love and Kisses
The Ones Who Leave and the Ones Who Get Left March 15, 2013 Lysley Tenorio’s short story collection, Monstress
The Author of “When the de la Cruz Family Danced” January 4, 2012 Novel of Filipino-American family in southern California
The Author of “Astigirl” May 3, 2011 Coming-of-age memoir
Seize the Moment July 2, 2015 Photography
Korea Evolution of an Intercultural Text– March 9, 2017 Downloadable textbook for Korean students of English
David Mason, Promoting Traditional Korean Culture March 17, 2013. Life and works.


Author Interview on Krys Lee’s “How I Became a North Korean” November 21, 2016 Novel based on activism for North Koreans
Stories of Korea and Koreans, Well Told November 13, 2013 Krys Lee’s short story collection, Drifting House.
Listening to Famine in North Korea December 21, 2011 Anthropology,  interviews with famine survivors
The Dreams Man September 11, 2010 (interview in 1994) Jeremy Seligson, Korean Birth Dreams.