A Filipina Jazz Singer in Japan, Manila and Hong Kong

I met Nickie at Tago. She and her mother both live not far from me in Tagaytay, a beautiful vacation and tourist spot well outside Manila. This interview took place at my house. Unfortunately, photos of Nickie’s early singing career were lost in the 2009 Ondoy flood.   Nickie’s story When I was twenty-one I was performing at five star hotels, the Mandarin Hotel and Philippine Plaza, and a Japanese agent saw the show. We had a meeting with him, my Filipino agent and me. A month later I was in Japan. I worked there from 1985 to 1992. My first …

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Almost a Japanese Housewife

This is a 2012 interview with a young Australian woman living in Japan. She discusses the English teaching jobs she’s had in Japan, her relationships with her Japanese husband and his parents, a frightening episode with a stalker, and her adjustment to becoming a housewife in Japanese society.

My First Japanese Family

This is a 2011 interview with an American woman who in the early 1980s married a Japanese man and tried to live in a small town with his extended family at the same time she was teaching English in the city.