International Kids, Part 1

Andrew and Crystal are thirteen and fifteen. They attend Yongsan International School of Seoul, an American-based private school which is both Christian and broad-minded. I was particularly interested in their stories because when I was a child and young adult my family spent a year in Europe every five years, first in Luxembourg and then in Germany, where I attended public schools and university. It turned out there were some similarities. We spoke in their home in Seoul. Andrew’s story Before I moved here to my international school in Seoul, I went to Navarro Elementary School in Seguin Township, Texas. …

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Korea, Where the Living is Easy

This is a 2014 interview with an English teacher who arrived in Korea in 2007, taught in an elementary school and then moved to teaching Tourism English to flight attendants at a university. She also did a master’s in International Relations at Troy University on the US Army post. Korea has been good to Amy professionally and financially. She loves her students and finds Korea “not a bad place to get stuck” if your own country offers little hope of good employment.