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My physical therapist
Philippines   Housebound in Antipolo April 1. 2020 My experience of stay at home orders for the coronavirus
A Trainer’s View of the Drug Problem in the Philippines March 1. 2020 Types Of treatment facilities and training, opinion of the war on drugs
    Government Statistics for the war on drugs   March 1. 3020   A supplement to the above post.
    Medical (Mis)Aadventures in the Philippines   October, 2019   My experience with doctors, excellent to deplorable
    A Look at Drug Rehabs in the Philippines   July 1, 2019   Traditional “therapeutic community” and 12-step rehabs
    Having “Urgent” but not”Emergency” Surgery in the Philippines, Part 1   April 1, 2015   Excellent care in Manila, but with a few cultural difficulties
    Having “Urgent” but not “Emergency” Surgery in the Philippines, Part 2   April 15, 2015   Struggles with the US health insurance provider
    BodyTalk in the Philippines   May 11, 2013   A practitioner on Body Talk Access
    The Eye Thing   November 4, 2010   Me on having Lucentis injections for macular degeneration
Korea and Japan   An Unintended Adventure   December 10, 2016   Life after a terrible accident
China   Robert’s Appendix   August 26, 2009 (Interview in 1896)   An appendectomy under local anesthetic