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hilippines Portrait of a Filipino Jazz Musician July 2, 2018 Keyboardist and harpist Ryan Villamor on improvisation, music therapy and spirituality
Jireh Calo Graduates from Berklee March 1, 2018 Music school study and prospects for the future
Baihana’s First Album September 23, 2016 Mel Torre’s update on the group’s success
A Filipina Jazz Singer in Japan, Manila and Hong Kong April 22, 2016. The singer on the yakusa, men bearing gifts and audiences.
A Filipino Jazz Musician and Jazz Journalist September 8, 2015 Richie Quirino, author of the documentary Pinoy Jazz.
Benefit for a Filipino Musician August 5, 2015 Heart of Music, an NGO  for musicians needing medical care
Jireh Calo, A Filipina Musician on Her Way February 14, 2015 A student at the Berklee School of Music in Boston.
A Filipina Vocal Group at Tago Jazz Cafe December 3, 2014 Baihana, as individuals and as a group
The Only Place for Jazz in the Philippines September 4 2014) Jazz club owner on  non-commercial jazz
China Mother and Musician, Part 2 March 26, 2011 (interview in 1986) Performing American folk music in China.