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Philippines   Journey to the Philippines, Part 1–May 15, 2016   May 15, 2016 (guest post)   A trip to the author’s birthplace and childhood home
    Journey to the Philippines, Part 2–June 3, 2016.   June 3, 2016   Returned for a wedding and more family history
    Following the Plan through Southeast Asia, Part 2   May 17, 2014   Finding love and fulfillment
China   The Traveling Economist, Part 1   August 8, 2010 (interview in 1986).   Business, the black market and assorted thieving
    The Traveling Economist, Part 2   August 14, 2010 (interview in 1986   Taveling  and talking to people  under harsh conditions
    In the Mongolian Grasslands   December 10, 2011 (interview in 1986)   Traveling in minority and off-limits areas
    The Second Journey into Tibet   March 17, 2010 (interview in 1986)   A long journey on the back of a truck with 23 Tibetans, following Alexandra David-Neel
    In Xinjiang on the Old Silk Road   September  28, 2009 (Interview in 1986)   Tensions between the Uighur population and the Han government
Elsewhere in Asia   Following the Plan through Southeast Asia, Part 1   May 1, 2014   Misadventures in Asia
    In Indonesia among the Damudani   July 7, 2017   Encounters with a remote tribe in the highlands